MobileFuse and Cuebiq Launch Industry First Solution to Attribute Increased Time Spent In-Store By Consumers Due to Mobile Ad Exposure

By Cuebiq Marketing Team / 4 minutes

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New Metric Goes Beyond Visitation to Measure the Quality of a Visit

New York – September 1, 2016

MobileFuse, the leader in targeting moments in mobile, today announced a partnership with premier location intelligence company Cuebiq that will, for the first time, allow advertisers to measure Dwell Lift, the impact a campaign has on incentivizing consumers to spend time inside a physical location.

Building off of Cuebiq’s industry leading VisitQ solution, the new measurement tool will automatically compare a mobile campaign’s audience against a control group, allowing marketers to not only see if they drove a consumer to a store, but exactly how much longer that person stayed in the store than if he/she had not been exposed to the ad. The new solution is exclusive to MobileFuse, and is the first offering in the market to take deterministic data on visitation and model it against a control group to measure Dwell Lift.

“Traditional solutions that measure footfall and in-store visitation are fundamentally flawed,” said Ken Harlan, founder and CEO of MobileFuse. “There is often no way to tell if someone is actually in a location  or just passing by, and without location reliability or persistent tracking, marketers shouldn’t feel comfortable coming to any strong conclusions about what they are seeing. Cuebiq’s VisitQ solution takes away the guesswork, and when you add in the ability to see the actual lift in campaigns, this becomes one of the most powerful mobile measurement solutions ever created.”

All of the data from Cuebiq is generated from a permission based SDK, which allows for significantly more accurate data than traditional probabilistic solutions. The data generated is capable of providing information on a person over an extended period of time, instead of from one-off ad calls, allowing marketers to understand how long a consumer is in a particular location. The Cuebiq SDK is installed in a base that is 15 times larger than anything else in market.

“Our new offering with MobileFuse adds an invaluable KPI to attribution measurement,” said Antonio Tomarchio, CEO of Cuebiq. “We know there is a desire in the industry to gain this type of real-world ROI on mobile campaigns, and we are excited to be rolling it out to MobileFuse clients, which include some of the biggest brands in the world.”

In preparation of the full rollout, the two companies ran test campaigns with a Fortune 50 retailer and a regional chain of a major automotive manufacturer to test Dwell Lift on in-store and dealership visits.

“Because the auto industry is so dependent on the amount of time people spend in our dealership, it’s incredibly important to be able to accurately measure in-store activity and tie this back to our advertising campaigns. MobileFuse suggested we include Cuebiq VisitQ attribution on a recent campaign for the Washington DC Area Honda Dealers.” said Eric Olson, Digital Director at Graham Oleson Automotive Marketing Agency. “With this new technology, we were able to go beyond measuring clicks by general geographic areas and are able to see how many people are actually being driven to specific dealerships; then attribute that back to the campaigns we have in market.”

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