Cuebiq Partners With The Ad Council and COVID Collaborative To Measure COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative

By Cuebiq Marketing Team / 6 minutes

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Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Cuebiq to collaborate on data analysis

Mobility intelligence company to measure effectiveness of ‘It’s Up To You’ campaigns in driving audiences exposed to Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to vaccination centers

NEW YORK, NY (May 12, 2021) – Cuebiq, a leading mobility intelligence and consumer insights company, today announced it is partnering with the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative to measure the COVID-19 Vaccine Education Initiative ‘It’s Up To You’ campaigns created to educate Americans about the COVID-19 vaccines.  

Cuebiq will measure the effectiveness of the campaigns in driving exposed audiences to vaccination centers. Cuebiq will calculate visit lift, the change in percentage of visitation to vaccine centers between those exposed to PSAs versus an unexposed control group, and incrementality, which represents incremental visits to frequently visited locations (such as pharmacies) above and beyond normal behavior. 

“We are very proud to be part of such a vital campaign to increase education and awareness of the COVID-19 vaccines,” said Antonio Tomarchio, Founder and CEO at Cuebiq. “We believe that mobility data has the power to transform the way we understand the impact of pandemic mitigation measures and look forward to embarking on this effort with the Ad Council and all involved in the initiative.”

In research collaboration with researchers at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, Cuebiq will also perform advanced analytics to identify which messages and content delivery approaches, across various media channels and publishers, are most effective at overcoming vaccine hesitancy, in order to optimize PSA performance and vaccine uptake. Funding for this project has been provided by Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Alain Labrique, PhD, a professor in the Department of International Health at the Bloomberg School and a lead investigator of the data analysis   said, “It’s incredibly exciting to offer our expertise to this effort with the opportunity to address the most important public health priority we face today. We’re fighting two battles—one against COVID-19, the other against misinformation and vaccine hesitancy—we need every advantage to overcome the pandemic.”

“This campaign effort takes on one of the most critical issues of our day: increasing confidence in the COVID-19 vaccines. Working with Cuebiq will provide added insights to help us track the effectiveness of our work and how the ‘It’s Up To You’ education campaign translates into action,” said Anne Deo, SVP of Analytics at the Ad Council.

Cuebiq’s partnership with the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative and its research collaboration with the Bloomberg School is part of the Cuebiq Data For Good Program, Cuebiq’s initiative to drive innovation and enhance the quality of life across the globe by providing access to its anonymous, privacy-compliant location-based data for academic research and humanitarian initiatives related to human mobility.  

“This represents an extraordinary collaboration between academic and commercial parties, combining public health practices and mobility intelligence technology to support a PSA campaign aimed at driving vaccine adoption at an unprecedented scale,” stated Joseph A. Boystak, strategic advisor to Cuebiq and Member of the Health Advisory Board at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

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About Cuebiq

Cuebiq, a leading mobility intelligence and consumer insights company, empowers advertisers, analysts and researchers alike to create, analyze, and optimize insights through its Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution, Cuebiq Workbench. At the forefront of industry privacy standards, Cuebiq has built a data-neutral ecosystem that makes open innovation accessible under strict, explicit opt-in data collection policies. In an effort to enhance quality of life across the globe, Cuebiq also partners with academic and research institutions on humanitarian initiatives such as natural-disaster relief, epidemiology and COVID-19 response with its Data For Good program. To learn more, visit:

About The Ad Council

The Ad Council has a long history of creating life-saving public service communications in times of national crisis, starting in the organization’s earliest days during World War II to September 11th and natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy. Its deep relationships with media outlets, the creative community, issue experts and government leaders make the organization uniquely poised to quickly distribute life-saving information to millions of Americans.

The Ad Council is where creativity and causes converge. The non-profit organization brings together the most creative minds in advertising, media, technology and marketing to address many of the nation’s most important causes. The Ad Council has created many of the most iconic campaigns in advertising history. Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk. Smokey Bear. Love Has No Labels.

The Ad Council’s innovative social good campaigns raise awareness, inspire action and save lives. To learn more, visit, follow the Ad Council’s communities on Facebook and Twitter and view the creative on YouTube.

About COVID Collaborative

COVID Collaborative, a project of UNITE, is a national assembly of experts, leaders and institutions in health, education and the economy and associations representing the diversity of the country to turn the tide on the pandemic by supporting federal, state and local COVID-19 response efforts.

The COVID Collaborative is co-chaired by former Governor and U.S. Senator Dirk Kempthorne (R-ID) and former Governor Deval Patrick (D-MA) and led by CEO John Bridgeland and President Gary Edson. COVID Collaborative includes expertise from across Republican and Democratic administrations at the federal, state and local levels, including former FDA commissioners, CDC directors, and U.S. surgeon generals; former U.S. secretaries of Education, Homeland Security and Health and Human Services; leading public health experts and institutions that span the country; the Business Roundtable, National Association of Manufacturers and U.S. Chamber of Commerce; the NAACP, UnidosUS and the National Congress of American Indians; the Skoll Foundation, The Allstate Foundation and The Rockefeller Foundation; and associations representing those on the front lines, from the American Public Health Association and Association of State and Territorial Health Officials to the Council of Chief State School Officers and the Council of the Great City Schools. Tim Shriver is Chairman of UNITE.

To learn more, visit, and follow the COVID Collaborative on Twitter and LinkedIn.