Cuebiq Partners With Innovid To Enable Creative Optimization From Visitation Insights

By Cuebiq Marketing Team / 3 minutes

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Integration to help clients understand real-world behavior patterns and action accordingly in near real time

New York, NY (January 18, 2022) – Cuebiq, a leading mobility intelligence and consumer insights firm, today announced its partnership with Innovid Corp. (NYSE:CTV), a leading independent connected TV (CTV) advertising delivery and measurement platform. 

Through an integration between Innovid’s Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) technology and Cuebiq’s timely, precise visitation metrics, brands can optimize their creative messaging delivery using real-world behavior patterns and action. 

“Our partnership with Innovid offers clients a way to leverage our product to drive measurable creative results and access our insights to inform decision making across their organization,” said Jon Friedman, SVP of Sales at Cuebiq. “We look forward to seeing how our work together will drive return on ad spend and support efforts to develop and execute more effective targeting and messaging strategies.”

Innovid’s DCO solution enables advertisers to harness privacy-compliant first-and third-party datasets – geography, weather, date/time, audience, frequency, sequencing, publisher data, retargeting, ISP, and more – to generate thousands of personalized ad versions from a single creative asset. As advertisers lean into personalized, relevant messaging across channels, integrations like this between Cuebiq and Innovid become increasingly valuable to advertisers looking to maximize campaign efficiency and performance.  

“Empowering brands with the tools and insights that streamline and elevate the dynamic creative optimization process for their CTV advertising efforts is paramount. We are  thrilled to partner with Cuebiq and further enhance our solutions with their visitation metrics,” said Jeremy Straight, SVP of Business Development at Innovid. “This integration will help advertisers to reimagine their TV advertising strategies and utilize data-driven tools to develop, automate and optimize unique experiences at scale.” 

About Cuebiq

Cuebiq is a leading location intelligence and consumer insights company leveraging the largest database of accurate and precise location data in the U.S. Its privacy-preserving data intelligence platform analyzes aggregated mobility data to allow businesses to glean actionable, real-time insights and better understand the offline consumer journey on the device level. Cuebiq’s platform provides clients offline location analytics, real-time campaign optimization and footfall attribution, as well as geo-behavioral audiences for cross-platform ad targeting. In an effort to enhance quality of life across the globe, Cuebiq also partners with academic and research institutions on humanitarian initiatives such as natural-disaster relief, epidemiology and COVID-19 response with its Data For Good program. To learn more, visit:

About Innovid

Innovid powers connected TV (CTV) advertising streaming, personalization, and measurement for the world’s largest brands. Through a global infrastructure that enables data-driven personalization, real-time decisioning, scaled ad serving, and accredited measurement, Innovid offers its clients and partners streamlined solutions that optimize the value of investments across screens and devices. Innovid is an independent platform that leads the market in CTV innovation powered by exclusive partnerships designed to fuel the future of TV advertising.   Headquartered in New York City, Innovid serves a global client base through offices across the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific. To learn more, visit or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.