Cuebiq Joins The Trinity Challenge

By Cuebiq Marketing Team / 3 minutes

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Location intelligence company joins efforts to improve global response to health emergencies with its location-based data and consumer insights

New York, NY (January 27, 2021) – Cuebiq, a leader in mobility intelligence and consumer insights, today announced it has been invited to join The Trinity Challenge, a coalition of partners promoting the use of data and analytics to identify, generate, and reward insights that contribute to the goal of a world better prepared for health emergencies.

The Trinity Challenge aims to bring together the world’s best and brightest minds and global organizations to generate acts that protect lives and livelihoods, and which will better protect the world against future health emergencies.

Leveraging its experience in generating insights from mobility data, Cuebiq will build upon its existing Data for Good program — which provides access to its aggregated and privacy enhanced mobility data for COVID-19 research and public policy making — and partner with The Trinity Challenge’s Members to work on integrating geospatial data into decision-making during health emergencies.

The Trinity Challenge is focused on three core initiatives:

  • Set a new global challenge to the world
  • Facilitate collaborations amongst the coalition to improve unique outcomes
  • Strengthen the data, analytics, and learning ecosystem for global public health

“At the heart of Cuebiq is our commitment to innovation and enhancing the quality of life across the globe, which is why we created our ‘Data for Good’ program,” said Antonio Tomarchio, founder and CEO, Cuebiq. “Joining The Trinity Challenge allows us to continue these efforts, and we look forward to working with its most impressive coalition of partners.”

“We are delighted to welcome Cuebiq to The Trinity Challenge,” said Hala Audi, CEO of The Trinity Challenge. “Their Data for Good program offers anonymised location data to the scientific and public health community in a way that has not been available before. Our applicants will hugely benefit from the unique use of data to analyze the impact of pandemic response efforts on human mobility and its wider consequences on society.”

About Cuebiq

Cuebiq is a leading consumer insights and measurement company, providing brands and marketers with a trusted, high-quality, and transparent currency for offline visitation data to map and measure the consumer journey. Cuebiq is at the forefront of industry privacy standards, follows a privacy-compliant framework in its data collection, and is one of the very first location providers certified by leading privacy association, NAI.

Cuebiq gives brands and marketers access to the largest database of anonymous, accurate, and privacy-enhanced location data in the United States. Its AI-driven platform, Clara, offers analytics, audience, and cross-channel and TV attribution capabilities, which empower brands and marketers to make better, more-informed business decisions and marketing strategies. Prioritizing the use of data to make the world a better place, Cuebiq’s Data for Good program empowers top universities and nonprofit organizations across the globe with Cuebiq’s location insights to drive innovation in community causes such as epidemiology and COVID-19 response, disaster relief, and urban development.

About The Trinity Challenge

The Trinity Challenge is an initiative led by some of the world’s most prominent organizations from across the private, academic, and social sectors for the purpose of sourcing and scaling solutions that better protect one billion more people from future health emergencies. It is a call to action for the world’s best and brightest minds to contribute ideas and innovations, with £10M in awards for the best Challenge Teams. Questions cover economics, behavioral sciences, epidemiology, and many other disciplines. Founding Members and Members will contribute their data, resources, and time to catalyze and support the work of Challenge Teams.