January 19, 2016

Beintoo Partners With LiveRamp to Extend Geo-Behavioral Insights Across Devices

Beintoo and LiveRamp’s partnership enables marketers to enhance customer experiences by using Beintoo’s geo-behavioral data for cross-device targeting and ROI measurement.

New York, January 19, 2016

Beintoo, known for geo-behavioral insights and analytics based on time spent by mobile users at points of interest, has partnered with LiveRamp, the leading provider of data onboarding and connectivity services, to bring marketers greater access to Beintoo’s highly accurate and precise geo-behavioral data. Together, Beintoo and LiveRamp allow marketers to deliver better customer experiences by using geo-behavioral data in a privacy-safe way to improve targeting and ROI measurement.

This partnership allows Beintoo’s data to be available to all its clients and partners via LiveRamp’s extensive set of integrations with more than 250 marketing platforms. Ad agencies, DSPs, Trading Desks, and other media outlets looking to target consumers based on their offline interests and purchase intent can now utilize Beintoo’s geo-behavioral audience segments for cross-device advertising on a broader scale. Before this partnership, geo-behavioral data was confined to mobile ads only. Now advertisers can reach people who have shown real-world interest on any device.

“Thanks to LiveRamp’s expertise in connectivity, we are helping marketers increase their campaign ROI by providing access to a holistic view of users’ geo­-behavior,” said Antonio Tomarchio, CEO of Beintoo.”

In addition, the integration with LiveRamp enables the recognition and connection of anonymous consumers, will allow clients to augment their first-party data with anonymized Beintoo’s geo-behavioral data resulting in a more comprehensive view of customer activity and interests. Offline CRM and sales data can be connected with online campaign impressions and Beintoo data via anonymized, non-PII links that represent a unique consumer, enabling marketers to expand their understanding of consumer intent and behavior beyond their owned and operated channels. Beintoo is also leveraging Customer Link to provide offline attribution analysis to clients, a key benefit for measuring campaign ROI.

“LiveRamp is excited to partner with Beintoo to provide marketers with better access to data for understanding the customer journey,” said Travis May, President and GM of LiveRamp. “We strive to make it safe and easy for marketers to use data to consistently deliver personalized and meaningful brand experiences to their customers.”

About Beintoo
Beintoo’s intelligence platform provides advertisers and publishers an ecosystem to power a new generation of cross-screen advertising. By tracking and analyzing with unmatched precision and accuracy time spent by mobile users at points of interest, we deliver insights into consumers’ offline behavior and purchase intent.

Beintoo offers advertisers geo-behavioral audiences for programmatic ad targeting and offline attribution analysis. We offer publishers a platform for data enrichment as well as data monetization opportunities through our programmatic partnerships.

About LiveRamp
LiveRamp connects more than 200 digital marketing platforms and data providers. We help marketers eliminate data silos and unlock greater value from the tools they use every day. By onboarding and unifying customer data across disparate systems, we provide the connectivity brands need to reach consumers across channels and measure the impact of marketing on sales. LiveRamp is an Acxiom company. For more information, visithttp://www.LiveRamp.com.

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