AWS_Location development platform

Cuebiq Workbench runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and benefits from it’s reliability, rapid scalability, and best-in-class privacy and security protocols. As a result, Cuebiq customers are able to extract the maximum value from Cuebiq’s geospatial and mobility data, while mitigating risks to their reputation.

Using AWS infrastructure, Cuebiq can grant customers access to the data in a matter of days and make it easy for them to scale, adding tenants, without worrying about the number of pods in Amazon EKS, or the number of underlying instances. Cuebiq is able to parse literally terabytes of data with Amazon EMR and tools installed in our Amazon EKS, while maintaining security at top level by ensuring encryption both on rest and on transit. Cuebiq is even able to use customer-specific keys and implement a zero-trust policy on several services such as networking and AWS IAM Roles. All of this can be done in an audit-prone environment thanks to AWS Cloudtrails and monitoring friendly due to Amazon Cloudwatch.

Additionally, through AWS Marketplace and the extended reach of AWS sales teams, Cuebiq Workbench can be discovered by a larger pool of qualified candidates to help us reach our revenue goals. Together AWS and Cuebiq are providing all types of organizations a privacy-first platform that makes it possible to use location data responsibly for innovation and growth.

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Claire Molinaro, Director, Product Marketing

Claire has 10 years of experience in Product Marketing and Sales Enablement, with a focus on Advertising Technology and Software as a Service. Prior to Cuebiq, she led Product Marketing at Mediaocean.