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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse frequently asked questions about the Cuebiq API:

How do I request access to the Cuebiq API?

Click the Request Access button on our API Developer website to request access.

How do I get started with the Cuebiq API?

Go to the “Get Started” section and check out some of our introduction guides for next steps.

What kind of data can I access with the Cuebiq API?

Cuebiq offers a range of Measurement APIs. They can be bucketed into 3 main categories:

  • Campaign & Report Set up
  • Geoset and POI management
  • Campaign & Report KPIs
Is there a maximum amount of calls that can be made / day?

Yes, we limit the # of calls being made to no more than 10,000 / day.

How much does the API cost?

Our Measurement APIs are used in conjunction with running campaigns that are typically priced on a CPM. Please reach out to your Cuebiq rep or visit and create a ticket.

What type of API Key management is used?

Cuebiq uses a JWT token that needs to be refreshed frequently in order to keep our system secure. To get started use the “request access” button.

How do I report API issues I discover?

There are support guides and detailed documentation provided on the developer website. Any issue you discover that you cannot troubleshoot, please open a ticket on our help site: