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Extract Measurement KPIs

Learn how to extract Measurement KPIs.

Once you have created a campaign with a report and pixel and have started to deliver impressions, you can begin to extract Measurement KPIs.

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Note – Not all KPIs will be available from the first day of a campaign. Metrics like uplift and incrementality require enough visits to achieve statistical significance before appearing and this can take time.

In order to create campaigns, you need a token and refresh token request. To get these tokens, you will need to request access to the API. Once access has been approved, Cuebiq will provide a client_id and client_secret as well as a customerId. A token will allow you to call every available endpoint in the API.

You will also need a valid campaign Id and report Id to proceed.

Available KPIs

Most measurement KPIs are available at the campaign and report level. While most metrics are available daily, several metrics are available in cumulative form ex.(Dwell time).

Note – Make sure that you are referencing the intended metric format when incorporating this data into your own reports.

Campaign level metrics
These metrics are based on aggregated and de-deduped data for the campaign.


Report level metrics These metrics are based on aggregated and de-deduped data for the report.

Extracting KPI data

Measurement KPI data can be extracted by calling the appropriate report endpoint with a valid campaignId and a campaignId or reportId.

 See the endpoint documentation for more information and a sample requests and responses.

Need More Help?

Can’t find an answer or having an issue with the API? Visit our FAQ or request support for more help.