Win Market Share With Location Intelligence

Cuebiq is a leading consumer insights and measurement company providing you trusted, high-quality visitation data to map, target, and measure the offline consumer journey.

100% first party data
Accuracy at scale
Complete offline journey
Media agnostic
Future-proof privacy
Better Understand Consumers’ Offline Activities & Visitation Patterns.
Drive your business strategy with footfall analytics of your brand and competitors. Then, easily turn insights into action to activate customer segments based on your most vulnerable competition, most engaged customers, undecided shoppers, and more.

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Measure footfall trends, share of visits, and time spent at your brand and competitors locations

Understand audience affinities and cross-shopping behaviors

Analyze at the national, state, and DMA-level

Target Consumers Based On Real-World Behaviors.
At Cuebiq, we believe the better you can target, the better your campaign ROI. Activate Cuebiq audiences to infuse your segmentation strategies with real-world consumer offline visitation.

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Segment by retail shoppers, frequent diners, entertainment buffs, lifestyle, predictive behavior, and more

Create your own custom audiences with unlimited capabilities

Easily activate 1,500+ pre-built geo-behavioral segments

Prove And Improve Your ROAS With Footfall Intelligence.
Cuebiq’s footfall Attribution solutions help you measure how effective your campaigns are in driving brand, visit, and revenue lift across all platforms and channels.

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Prove post-campaign ROI metrics and gain in-depth knowledge to plan future activations with Visit Lift

Improve and observe performance in driving to store in real-time with Visit Optimization

Future-Proof Privacy
Protect Your Future with Privacy Best Practices
By working with Cuebiq, you ensure that you are leveraging a partner and data grounded in the four key privacy principles of consent, transparency, control, and accountability.

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We only collect de-identified data from users who opted-in to collect and use their information.


Our partners clearly articulate their relationship with Cuebiq in their Privacy Policy.


We allow users to easily opt-out through several paths: app settings, device settings, TrustArc and the Cuebiq App.


Cuebiq is a NAI member, TAG and TrustArc certified, and Privacy Shield registered.