Location Analytics

Powered by Cuebiq Location Intelligence

Cuebiq’s Analytics suite is the industry leading database of consumers’ offline visitation data. Thanks to our proprietary machine learning algorithms and advanced AI technology, our solutions provide clients with the most accurate and precise visitation data at scale. Our Analytics suite enables clients cross-industry to answer their most pressing questions, such as:


Geo Analysis of Home and Work Locations


Brand  Affinity

Time of Day Analysis for each Visit

Competitive Analysis

Dwell Time and Frequency of Visits


Trends by Time of Day, Week, Month

Locations Visited Before and After POIs

Correlation Between POIs Visited


How Can Location intelligence Enhance Your Business? 


Analytics for Marketing

Unlock new trends or enhance current products  with transparent and accurate location data at scale.


Analytics for Finance

Use location data to help forecast brand performance in real time before Quarterly Reported Earnings.


Analytics for Real Estate

Analyze consumer visits to  desired  Points of Interests to guide site selection or measure site performance. 

Analytics for Mobility

Discover how people move offline. Utilize massive mobile data analytics to   improve forecast models.



Unmatched Product Benefits

Highest Data Volume and Quality

Our innovative intelligence platform ensures higher location accuracy and precision, a larger volume of user data points, and visit information beyond location thanks to our ability to collect users’ dwell time at points of interest, resulting in unparalleled location insights.

360° Customer View

Our analysis extends beyond “POI boundaries”, providing insights into consumer behaviors, purchase interests, where users go before/after visiting your POIs, and more.

Turnkey Applications

Our technology does not require any sensors or additional hardware installation at POIs to perform analysis.