Study: Footfall Attribution Benchmarks

June 2017 -- Access footfall benchmarks by advertising vertical, to gauge how your campaigns perform against industry averages for offline activities like in-store visits, time spent, and consumers' brand loyalty. The report breaks down the averages by nine verticals: automotive, QSR, retail, big box retailers, grocery stores, casual dining, financial services, entertainment, and travel. 

Study: Q1 Footfall Trends for Fuel & C-Store Industry

May 2017 -- Discover how, when, and for how long consumers refuel and spend time at c-store across the US, and understand the implications for other verticals such as QSR and grocery stores.  Download Cuebiq and GasBuddy's white paper analyzing offline consumer behavior and visitation patterns throughout Q1 2017.

Study: Super Bowl LI - Did the ads actually make a difference?

February 2017 -- Discover how the ads that ran during Super Bowl LI impacted online and offline traffic.  Download Cuebiq and Jumpshot's infographic analyzing online and offline consumer behavior after the big game. 

Study: Westfield World Trade Center Mall - Are Consumers Going?

October 2016 -- Discover visit trends to the Westfield World Trade Center - a high end, luxury mall located just a minute walk away from the 9/11 Memorial. Download Cuebiq's infographic highlighting mobile users' geo-behaviors and location patterns around the newest addition to Downtown Manhattan.

Webinar: Discover 3 Ways Foot Traffic Can Help You Drive More Sales

October 2016 -- Mobile device location and programmatic leader Ubimo, and location intelligence leader Cuebiq, showcase how you can get the most out of your mobile campaigns.  Our experts define 3 campaign tactics where foot traffic can help you drive more sales and connect programmatic with foot traffic measurement to improve campaign effectiveness.

Study: Pokemon Go - Where to Catch 'em all in NYC

July 2016 -- Discover where Pokemon Go players train, shop, and dine in the New York area.  Download Cuebiq's infographic highlighting mobile users' geo-behaviors and location patterns around this summer's incredible phenomenon.

Study: July 4th 2016 Weekend Trends

July 2016 -- Discover where U.S. consumers traveled, shopped and dined this July 4th.  Download Cuebiq's infographic highlighting mobile users' geo-behaviors and location patterns during the holiday weekend.

RampUp! 2016 Spotlight: "What is Mobile's Place in the Marketing Ecosystem"

February 2016 -- In many ways, mobile has opened doors for advertisers, providing valuable consumer data and giving marketers an additional channel to reach potential customers. It’s been considered both a comprehensive and an exclusive approach.  How is mobile aiding and enhancing the current marketing ecosystem?  How are mobile channels dismantling old approaches to marketing?  This video session answers all of that and more.