Analyze trends and performance With Cuebiq Research.

Our intelligence platform leverages massive and highly accurate mobile location data to deliver actionable insights about real-world consumers and trends.

With the most accurate data collection methodology at scale, Cuebiq's data provides the best-in-class solution to address your specific retail needs.



Footfall & Path Analysis

POI Performance & Strategy Development

Understand footfall trends, events' impact, and analyze performance against competitors.

Cuebiq China

Location & Audience Insights

Gain location and consumer insights about the Chinese and Southeast Asian market.


Audience Analysis

Geo-Behavioral Consumer Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your consumers' behaviors, interests, and brand affinity.


What Makes Us Different


1 in 4

US Smartphone Users


Monthly Active Users


Location Data


Persistent Tracking

We persistently collect verified data sets directly from partner apps through our SDK, a methodology that provides the highest data quality in the marketplace.  All information is stored using non-identifiable Advertising ID, respecting users’ privacy.


Unprecedented Accuracy & Precision

Our intelligence platform analyzes a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and beacon signals when collecting mobile user data, granting us the ability to identify user patterns in high density urban contexts and inside stores/POIs.


Deeper Insights via Dwell Time & Frequency

Our unique ability to analyze how often users visit POIs and how much time they spend at each location ensures that our data truly represents consumers’ offline behavior and purchase intent, providing higher value for advertisers.


Proprietary Intelligence Platform

Our intelligence platform leverages machine learning algorithms to adapt to users’ geo-behavior and build upon past observations to efficiently draw deeper insights.


Our Partners


StreetLight Data is a San Francisco-based technology firm that transforms the massive amount of geospatial data produced by mobile devices into useful transportation behavior information. Transportation experts, urban planners, and commercial property developers can access StreetLight Data’s Metrics in minutes via an easy-to-use web application, StreetLight InSight®.


Our Commitment to Privacy


We do not collect or analyze any Personally Identifiable Information      

Our partner apps provide a clear and simple opt-out mechanism


We only process data from users who shared location with our partner apps

We only work with clients adhering to the highest industry standards


* Geo-behavior is the understanding of users’ offline behaviors and interests based on persistent analysis of time spent and visit frequency at each location.