Data Monetization

Add a new revenue stream unrelated to any advertising strategy you may already have in place with our Data Monetization solution for Publishers.


Our intelligence platform collects anonymous geo-behavioral data from mobile apps to profile and segment users based on offline location patterns and monetizes location data in a privacy-friendly manner.  All information is stored using a non-identifiable advertising ID, respecting users’ privacy.

We don’t serve ads, buy media, or manage marketing campaigns.  We don't sell publishers' raw data.


Seamless Integration

Our SDK is light, easy-to-integrate,  and doesn’t push ads. Our team is totally available to support you for a fast integration, which won’t change or modify the in-app user experience.


Our Commitment to Privacy


We do not collect or analyze any Personally Identifiable Information

Our partner apps provide a clear and simple opt-out mechanism

We only process data from users who shared location with our partner apps

We only work with clients adhering to the highest industry standards