Data Enrichment

Make advertising on your app less intrusive, more relevant to tailor your content delivery and cross-platform marketing efforts, by serving ads and/or content that match your users’ offline behaviors, purchase intent, and brand affinity. Strategically promote and push personalized offers based on users’ offline behaviors and visitation patterns with our data enrichment solution for Publishers. 


Our innovative intelligence platform collects and analyzes time spent by mobile users at points of interest with a level of precision and accuracy currently unmatched in the marketplace.

Thanks to millions of points of interest and wifi networks mapped to understand offline consumer intent, our SaaS platform allows app publishers to segment their users based on where, when , and for how long they spend their time.


Seamless Integration

Our SDK is light, easy-to-integrate,  and doesn’t push ads. Our team is totally available to support you for a fast integration, which won’t change or modify the in-app user experience.


With Our Enriched Data You’ll Be Able to


Charge premium CPMs by offering enhanced targeting capabilities

Enhance user experience and increase retention by serving only relevant ads

Enrich CRM data and personalize content across all of your channels


Avoid prolonged, expensive and labor intensive, manual data processing


Gain user insights applicable across all business units