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About Cuebiq

Cuebiq is a location insights company that allows brands and retailers to glean unparalleled real-time insights about real-world consumer behaviors and trends. Using its data intelligence platform, Cuebiq provides geo-behavioral insights and offline location analytics, geo-behavioral audiences for cross-platform ad targeting, and offline attribution analysis by tracking and analyzing time spent by users at points of interest across the globe.


About Cuebiq Data: AudienceQ

AudienceQ allows advertisers to target consumers based on their offline behavior and purchase intent. Thanks to our unique data collection methodology, our intelligence platform analyzes mobile users’ proximity signals, frequency, and dwell time to profile audiences, which can be used for all types of cross-platform campaigns and social media targeting.

AudienceQ offers 1,160+  geo-behavioral audiences across key advertising categories:

  • Geo-Behavioral audiences target consumers based on offline behavior and purchase intent - e.g. Frequent moviegoers, Moms, in-market Auto buyers, etc.

  • Brand Specific audiences target specific brick & mortar brands and stores - e.g. AMC moviegoers, Target shoppers, McDonald’s frequent diners, Home Depot shoppers, etc.

  • Branded and custom audiences can be created for specific advertisers.


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