Cuebiq China

Location & Audience Insights

Cuebiq China provides customized location and audience insights based on users’ offline behavior and time spent at points of interest across China and Southeast Asia, helping clients stay ahead of trends and competitors.

Cuebiq’s intelligence platform analyzes with unmatched precision and accuracy users’ geo-behavior, providing unique insights for desired geo-sets, including:



POI Performance, Trends, and Comparisons


Event Analysis

Audience Analysis:
Demo and Psychographic


Competitive Analysis


Unmatched Product Benefits

Highest Data Volume and Quality

Our innovative intelligence platform ensures higher location accuracy and precision, a larger volume of user data points, and visit information beyond location thanks to our ability to collect users’ dwell time at points of interest, resulting in unparalleled location insights.

360° Customer View

Our analysis extends beyond “POI boundaries”, providing insights into consumer behaviors, purchase interests, where users go before/after visiting your POIs, and more.

Turnkey Applications

Our technology does not require any sensors or additional hardware installation at POIs to perform analysis.