Visit Optimization


In-Flight Performance Analytics

The industry’s only real-time campaign optimization tool, based on impressions to “Walk-to-Rate”, a  more meaningful KPI that quantifies ad effectiveness in driving in-store visits.


The Visit Optimization interactive dashboard provides daily campaign analytics, including:


Daily Visits to designated POIs


Influenced Visits


Cost per Visit

Impressions delivered

Devices reached


Unmatched Product Benefits


Smarter Location Data

Our innovative data collection methodology allows us to provide higher location accuracy and precision, a larger volume of user data points, and visit information beyond location thanks to our ability to collect users’ dwell time at points of interest.


In-Flight Reporting

As opposed to our competitors who require longer lead-times to measure attribution, we are first to market in offering clients a daily conversion analysis, allowing them to optimize campaign on-the-fly and help drive efficiencies. 


Innovative Analytics

Our interactive dashboard provides a full breadth of consumer and campaign insights and the ability to break down the performance analysis based on multiple campaign variables, helping clients optimize programs on-the-fly.