Audience Analysis

Geo-Behavioral Consumer Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of consumer behaviors, interests, and brand affinity through our analysis of users’ offline behavior and time spent at points of interest.

Cuebiq’s self-provisioning dashboard provides a thorough analysis of your audience, including:



Geo-behaviors and Interests


Brand Affinity


Socio-demo Analysis

Geographical Analysis


Unmatched Product Benefits

360° Customer View

Our innovative intelligence platform ensures higher location accuracy and precision, a larger volume of user data points, and visit information beyond location thanks to our ability to collect users’ dwell time at points of interest, resulting in unparalleled consumer insights.

Brand-level Insights

Our intelligence  platform analyzes 900+ Brands to understand consumers’ interests and brand affinity, comparing your users' behaviors vs. our general population to help you understand what matters the most to them.

Turnkey Output Format

Our self-provisioning, user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to access your audience insights, interact with the results, and request new reports.


* Geo-behavior is the understanding of users’ offline behaviors and interests based on persistent analysis of time spent and visit frequency at each location.